Welcome to the Allied Media Conference 2015! 

micah hobbes frazier

the living room project
micah hobbes is a black queer boi healer, facilitator/trainer, doula, dj, and magic maker; living, loving, laughing, and building community in Oakland, CA. he is the founder/director of the living room project, a healing justice & community space serving black & brown queer and trans communities. // Somatics: Our bodies are deeply impacted by our experiences of trauma (including oppression), along with our minds and spirits. Our muscles, bones, and even cells carry those impacts as well as incredible wisdom and resilience. Somatics enters the healing process directly through the body, reconnecting with the important information it holds. Using touch, breathwork, conversation, and imagination Somatic Bodywork supports the release of what's held in our bodies towards more presence, openness and embodiment of who and how we want to be in the world. Working thru the body engages the stress/survival part of the brain, and can shift the memories, emotions, and reactions that stay with us after trauma.

My Presenters Sessions

Friday, June 19

4:00pm EDT

Saturday, June 20

11:00am EDT

2:00pm EDT

Sunday, June 21

10:00am EDT