Welcome to the Allied Media Conference 2015! 

Danielle Stevens

Danielle is a radically compassionate warrior womyn & afro-futurist healer with a gentle and sharp unapologetic tongue. A dreamer in all senses of the word, Danielle is enchanted by the variability of life. As a gender-nonconfirming femme person and lover engaged in work related to anti-oppression education, social justice activism, and community organizing (particularly within femme, queer, and trans people of color communities), Danielle’s life work is engaging in coalition and movement building amongst various communities, as our liberation depends on it. She dreams of worlds in folx who are targeted by institutional forms of violence can posses and access the blueprints, tools, & frameworks necessary in activating our collective self-determination, authenticity, liberation & freedom. She is committed to honoring the collective ancestral truths & generous elder wisdoms that flow through her body, guiding her visions of liberation. She is currently the co-founder and co-editor in cheif of This Bridge Called Our Health: is a queer and trans-inclusive intentional space for the writings, testimonies, narratives, and creative expressions by and for women and femmes of color of all genders about the intersectional experiences that shape and impact our health and healing

My Presenters Sessions

Saturday, June 20

11:00am EDT