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Saturday, June 20

8:00am EDT

9:00am EDT

Collecting Ourselves: Organizing a Youth-led Summit State Hall: Room 213 Cooperative, 3D, Immersive, Interactive Storytelling McGregor: Room B Guerilla Projection and Public Art Intervention Student Center: Room 285 Healing Sessions McGregor: Room L/M How to Build Decentralized, Smart Movement Networks State Hall: Room 218 Jewelry Making with Found Materials McGregor: Room J Keep Healthcare Cute: Multi-series Program for Zine Making Education Building: Room 189 Kids Collage Studio McGregor: Room H Making the Web for Kids McGregor: Room C Nonprofit Trauma: Transforming Harm Education Building: Room 204 QTPOC Youth Healing Oppression through Storytelling Art Education: Room 158 Reimagining Neighborhoods with Board Game Making Student Center: Ballroom A Rituals for Spatial Change DeRoy Auditorium: Room 146 Story Stitching: Create Your Own Radio Story McGregor: Room E Tools for Power Part 1: Introduction to Power Analysis State Hall: Room 131 Weaving Community: Transforming Trauma with Textile Art Art Education: Room 156 Migritudes: Digital Music, Identity, and Place State Hall: Room 219 Nourishing Our Spirits: Desi Kitchen Stories of Healing State Hall: Room 208 Organizing and Winning Against Mass Incarceration Locally State Hall: Room 137 Trans Media: A Platform for Change State Hall: Room 128 This Ain’t a Eulogy: A Ritual for Re-Membering Community Arts Auditorium Community Radio in the Middle East and North Africa Student Center: Ballroom C Mino Bimaadiziwin: Ojibwe Philosophy and Design McGregor: Room F/G Detroit Sound Conservancy Music Tour Community Arts South Entrance DTown Farms Tour Community Arts South Entrance Fun and Fabulous Farm Fieldtrip Community Arts South Entrance

11:00am EDT

A Documentary Film Production Survival Guide State Hall: Room 218 Broken Time, Fractured Space, & Collective Memory Art Education: Room 158 Contemplative Design: Unpacking White Supremacy McGregor: Room C Drug War Survivors: Coping, Telling, Loving Ourselves Student Center: Ballroom C Grieving through Humor: The Black Body Survival Guide Art Education: Room 156 Healing Sessions McGregor: Room L/M Heart Memories: Memorializing Lost Loved Ones State Hall: Room 214 Kids Collage Studio Part 2 McGregor: Room H Let's Dance Some More: A Bgirl/Bboy Workshop Student Center: Ballroom B Social Justice and Collage McGregor: Room J The Revolution Will Not Be in English State Hall: Room 218 Tools for Power Part 2: Research Methods State Hall: Room 131 VJ Basics & Live Video Performance McGregor: Room E With Wing and Roots Community Arts Auditorium Detroit Grown McGregor: Room F/G Fat 101 - Fatness as a Political Issue State Hall: Room 137 Ferguson and Beyond: The Role of Independent Media Student Center: Room 285 How to Start Your Own Culture Podcast Education Building: Room 189 I See You: Creating Femmes of Color Visibility & Community Student Center: Ballroom A Mentoring it Forward: Youth Leadership State Hall: Room 219 Out in the System: LGBTQ Youth and CPS State Hall: Room 213 People-Powered Movements: Individual Donor Programs State Hall: Room 208 Radical Storytelling: A Beginning without End DeRoy Auditorium: Room 146 Sometimes in DC You Win: Net Neutrality, A Case Study Education Building: Room 204 Detroit Sound Conservancy Music Tour (continued) Community Arts South Entrance DTown Farms Tour (continued) Community Arts South Entrance Fun and Fabulous Farm Fieldtrip (continued) Community Arts South Entrance

12:45pm EDT

2:00pm EDT

Collecting Sacred Stories from the Community State Hall: Room 214 Design for Decentralized Communications State Hall: Room 208 Digital Game Basics for Free! McGregor: Room B Fat Hacks: Alterations Against Fashion Size Bias State Hall: Room 213 GIFs Are the Future: A New Art Form McGregor: Room J Healing Sessions McGregor: Room L/M Honoring Aadisookanwag [Spirits] as they Travel Art Education: Room 158 How to Do Online Communications as an Organizer Education Building: Room 189 How to Talk About Race with the Media Student Center: Ballroom A Media History Timeline: an Interactive Tool for the Movement McGregor: Room C Move It! Dance Class for All Community Arts Auditorium Movement Memory Mapping and Story Seed Saving McGregor: Room F/G Prison Abolition for and with Kids! McGregor: Room H Reclamation of Culture: Using Art to Rebuild Community Art Education: Room 156 The Art of Alternative Media Personality McGregor: Room E We Flawless! Journey to Gender Balance Student Center: Room 285 We Reminisce Over You: The Black Death Mixtape Student Center: Ballroom C Anti-Eviction Mapping Project: Data Viz & Storytelling State Hall: Room 137 Cake Is Not A Moral Issue: Rejecting Fatphobic Moralism Student Center: Ballroom B Economy of Liberation: Cultivating Black Feminist Lives DeRoy Auditorium: Room 146 Green Hair, Grey Hair: Bridging Race, Class, and Age Education Building: Room 204 Is the Library the Settlement House of Today? State Hall: Room 218 The Hijab: Through the Eyes of Muslims State Hall: Room 219 What We Say We Need: Youth in the Sex Trades State Hall: Room 131 Odd Woman Out: Being a Female Hip Hop Artist & Promoter State Hall: Room 128 Tour: From Growing Our Economy to Growing Our Souls Community Arts South Entrance

4:00pm EDT

6:00pm EDT

8:00pm EDT


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